EBOOK – Tax savings/Financial/ Retirement/ Investment Planning Guidance

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EBOOK – Tax savings-Financial Planning-Retirement Planning-Investment Planning Guidance

I have created an e-book to share all the financial planning, tax savings, investment planning, and retirement planning knowledge that I have gained from earning my MBA (Finance) at Johns Hopkins University, CFA charter holder program, and the experience while helping hundreds of clients. I have learned (and am still learning from) most of my experiences from our clients who come from various demographics, location, age (25 year to 85 years), and marital status. I have captured all my experiences, and lessons learned by myself, and from others’ mistakes and shared them as part of this book. Please do not think that I pulled this content out of thin air. I could get this content only because of you allowing me to help you and help your families. I am hoping this book will help our community members and you to use it as a reference guide whenever you need any help. You can easily locate the right topic through the table of contents.

We are all going to make (or have already made) a lot of financial and investment mistakes during our journey which can range from paying too much taxes, failing to implement the right tax savings strategies, day trading, playing options, not contributing enough to 401k retirement savings, fail to set up retirement goal objectives, not tracking expenses properly, not investing the savings properly, not buying the right term life insurance coverage leaving your family in a very dangerous financial situation, failed to save enough college savings for your kid’s education, not creating the WILL or TRUST (Estate Planning), or even fail to assign guardians for your minor kids. Some of your mistakes will have a serious impact on your long-term financial success. The main reason for this mistake is a lack of awareness and not much proper guidance from our employers when we first moved from India. However, It is still not too late. This e-book is designed to help you implement the corrective actions now as it will help you and your family achieve your long-term objectives and minimize your financial risk.

Please use the below link to access my EBOOK and let me know your feedback. If you like it, please share it with your friends.

EBOOK – Tax savings-Financial Planning-Retirement Planning-Investment Planning Guidance